The changes in transportation before and today

There are many changes that had occurred since 20 to 30 years ago in many aspects of the life of people. It also includes transportation. There are changes that were made from the way children go to school before and in this days. When few people can afford a car before, many children just walk or use bikes to go to school. It is a cheap way of going to school and it is also good for children as they can exercise or move physically. Here is the infographic.

The times have passed and as many people can afford cars, so there are many who have their own. They then use it for going to work and also to send their children to school. Even if the school is near but they prefer to just have a ride and not walk. It also becomes a practice that children ride in public transportation rather than walk even if it is near when you go over this best dental clinic 牙科診所. It present that there is also the increase in the transportation fee of students riding in the buses.

In today’s time, it is being suggested that we should at least also practice what it is being done before. To let children walk and have their exercise when the school is near or to allow them an alternative to using the bicycle if they will be driven to the this dental clinic info here for some assistance of dental care. The main idea is to help reduce the pollution and also the emission of the carbon dioxide that could help in the environment.